Behavioural Training

Behavioural Training

Ken utilizes the interactive workshop format to allow the participants to maximize their learning experience. This retentive style of training provides ample opportunity for the participants to become involved in individual, diad, triad, and group exercises to immediately put what they are learning into practice.

Personal and professional effectiveness training is the best strategy to prosper and succeed in this era of technological advancements. Individuals and organizations must be prepared to develop and utilize new skills in order to keep up with the times. Soft skills represent a fundamental attribute that today’s knowledge based economy is demanding of its employers, employees and businesses.

About Trainers profile:

  • Experienced faculty from leading industries
  • Certified instructors & Facilitators, National and International recognised Qualifications
  • Problem/project-centric teaching
  • Holistic approach to training
  • Sound Knowledge in specific areas
  • Encourage a supportive learning environment, encouraging questions, experience sharing and utilizing a variety of hands on, and instructor based training methods.
  • Proven interpersonal, coaching, and mentoring skills
Modules to take your Skills from Good to Great

Skill Based

Skill Based
Modules to Learn & Apply

Knowledge Based

Knowledge Based
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Sales Trainings
  • Phone sales Trainings
  • Assessing Customers
  • Service Excellence
  • MS Office
  • HR for Non HR
  • Finance for Non finance
  • Process Programs
  • Supervisory skills
  • Language Programs
  • Negotiation Skills

Technical Training

Technical Training

Every industry has its own range of technical aspects and it needs to give in periodical modification to standardize its productivity. Keeping in accordance with the industrial needs , Ken has a range of technical trainers who are proficient enough to educate the trainees of respective industries like automobile, power, IT , ITes, construction, healthcare, hospitality, shipping and many more, with the standardized technical training. For the same Ken trainers , keep in track with all the recent advancement , update and get the know-how to implement the same. For a company to be the best in the market and reach its echelon of success , technical training is what is vital and Ken has it for you.

Outbound Training

Outbound Training

“I feel like a different person. The more I do, the more likely I am to say, ‘I can, I can do it’.”

Outbound training puts participants in touch with nature. It includes exercises that are meant to build confidence in oneself, one’s abilities and to develop a feeling or comradeship and encourage team-building. The programe is deliberate in its use of physical activities. Here the participants will be required to face challenging situations as individuals and teams.

  1. Enables greater flexibility
  2. Helps people become more positive
  3. Tags the concerned as ‘Dependable’
  4. Improves and streamlines the overall thought process of the employees
  5. Greatly assist the employees in displaying their best behavioural skills
  6. Also helps participants to realize their unexplored potential and talent.

Open House Workshop

Open House Workshop

Objective of the Open House Workshops

Training Programs to suits to your schedules for upgrading individual resource knowledge, skills, tools & techniques. To satisfy the need of the training and development of Individuals aspiring for upgrading their knowledge, Real-time Senario’s,Skills, Tools & Techniques.

Benefits of Open House Workshops

  • Upgrading with latest technologies and knowledge irrespective of the domains.
  • Workshops are very interactive and participants an share their knowledge, experience and expertise to get exposure of other industries.
  • Corporate can send the nominations to such workshops in small group to save on the time and cost as per their training schedules.
  • Individuals can also nominate for such programs.

Who Should attend it

The Individuals, corporate Groups, Institutional Representatives enhance and upgrade as well as to achieve the desire objective of the project delivery.

Educational Training

Educational Training

Even during the hardest of economic times employers need to source and groom new talent to take on management and professional roles at their organizations. Firms in a broad range of industries have structured programs and pathways to train college graduates. These programs are often an excellent way for recent college graduates to launch their career.

Ken transforms student community through training

We offer,

  • Candidates whom can manage multiple priorities
  • Students who can make decisions very effectively
  • High Skill & High Will fresher’s to corporate world
  • Candidates with ‘Effective written and oral communication skills’

KEN’S concern for Blue collars associates

Ken defines technicians as workers who directly or indirectly support scientists & engineers in designing, developing, producing and maintaining the nation’s machines & materials. So, they are the root of any organization.

It’s Roots, Not fruits that need care & Nourishment. Ken provides customized trainings as mentioned…

KEN’S Highlight

Technicians/ Operators/ Blue Collar Associates

  • College to Corporate
  • Supervisory Skills
  • First time Managers
  • Advanced Managerial skills
  • Leadership Development Program

Our Facilitator's Successful Path

Our Facilitator's Successful Path